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Cache Trip


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OK, before anyone mentions it, I know that 30 December is a Thursday, but I'm hoping that with it being the holidays some folks will be off. I'm trying to put together a group to cache from the Anadarko area over to Tom Sneed Lake. Currently, we are talking about setting off from Anadarko at about 0800 to 0830. Exact track and caches are still open to discussion. If anyone is interested, drop me a line or log your interest here.




Team Madog

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We've been discussing this in the Yahoo group and I'm in as well. We will probably meet in Anadarko around 0800, cruise through Lawton, over to Cache (the town) toward Tom Steed reservoir, and back to Lawton. probably 20 caches (or thereabouts) total. Not huge compared to some of the cache machines, but the Tom Steed caches will require some actual hiking.

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Well, this thread should be closed now. Eric (Tresokies) and I hit 30 caches during the run. Of course, there were a few DNFs, but overall the trip was a great success. Look for future cache trips here. I'm already considering a couple of other areas. Ardmore and Wichita Falls. Ardmore looks to have more and would present a good days trip from OKC, hitting all of the caches down the I35 corridor. As another side note, I'll try to arrange the next one on a weekend, preferably Saturday. If anyone ever puts together a road trip, I'm available and would most likely love to participate.

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