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Not in GC.com, but there are various online translators (see e.g. briansnat's links) which, unfortunately, most often don't do very good job. One option is to email the cache owners and ask if they could provide the information in English.


In many places the cache owners have included English in addition to their native languages on their cache descriptions. If/when GC.com provides a multilinguality option on the cache pages, inserting additional languages would hopefully become more tempting.

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I think the original was Alta Vista's: http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr. Its translations are often hilariously bad, but you can usually work out what's meant.


One fun activity for a slow day is to pour text into Babelfish and translate it back and forth between a few languages, then back to English. The resulting gibberish can be highly amusing.


Here's Babelfish's translation of the German version of Yes, We Have No Bananas (which isn't the same song as the English version, though bananas are involved):


Calculated it requires bananas, bananas of me.

They do not do please, the most beautiful Levkojen and roses from glazed paper.

And a oleander does not even bring us to each other.

Degree calculated bananas, bananas requires it of me.

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