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They Are At It Again 11-01-04

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A certain cacher/team is not playing nicely with peoples travel bugs. They have had one of my travel bugs since May and another one since August. That may not sound like such a big deal, but look at their statistics:


1. In Late Oct/Early Nov 2003 they grabbed up 26 travel bugs and dumped them all into this unapproved cache. Almost all of them were subsequently picked up by another cacher and placed in this seemingly nonexistent cache (The only cacher who has logged the cache is the one who grabbed the 26 bugs in the fist place). I suspect that these were all virtual grabs/placements because when they were eventually picked up by other cachers, they were found in far away caches.


2. They are currently holding 32 travel bugs that were picked up over the last six months:


(# Bugs), Date Taken

(1) April

(16) May

(1) July

(3) August

(11) On 11-01-04 (looks like they are at it again)


This time I didn't do any name calling. Can something please be done about this?


Rocket Man


Edit: BTW-This cacher/team owns one cache and it is in a National Park.

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Very odd people. 4 finds, and 57 travel bugs picked up. Half of which have been placed back in caches. There isn't much we can do about them I'm afraid. I can't hunt them down, hog tie them and tar and feather them, as much as you might want me too. As much fun as that might be! Every now and then we get a party pooper in this game. They eventually get bored and go away. If you antagonize them they get worse. Hopefully they will soon grow up and play nice. I'm just sad to say there isn't anything we can do. We can however take a closer look at their cache and deal with that.

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