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Need Help Setting Up First Cache


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I am trying to set up my first cache. It is a puzzle cache where the posted coordinates are not the actual cache coordinates. Once you solve a puzzle (actually a little trivia quiz) you have the information for the actual coordinates. I have started to fill out the "report a cache" page and it all seems straight forward. But, when I get to the long description box the best I can get is plain text. I have a nice looking document created in Word 2003 with color and the works. How do I get this to appear on the cache page? I know it can be done because I've found caches in my area that have been full of color and pictures.



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You have to use HTML code on your cache page. To quote from the cache form

You can use HTML in any of the description fields below with the exception of JavaScript and other embedded code. If you do supply html you will need to check the box below for the text to render correctly.


For info on basic HTML look here.

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Thank you all for your help. But. I saved the file as a Web document, then copied and pasted it into the long description box after checking on the HTML checkbox. But it still looks the same and appears as just a text file. Is it supposed to look like that or should it look like the html/Word document?


Thanks again.

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