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Geocachers Motorcycle Team

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The annual Three Nations Challenge is made up of the three individual national motorcycle rally events:


Welsh - second weekend in May

National - first weekend in July

Scottish - second weekend in September


My participation in these events dates back to my first National in 1986. Hardly a year has gone by when I haven't taken part in at least one of the annual events. Over the last few years I've been ably guided by my GPS and it was that which led me to Geocaching when another GPS competitor on the 2003 Welsh advised me about the activity.


So how about a Geocachers team for next years challenge? If you're interested either in the whole challenge or just one or two of the individual events, maybe just want some more information, please let me know:



or check out www.Pyoung1s.co.uk

Right, I must dash off now to bring my website up to date!

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If anyone is interested in motorcycle rallying this year please check out dates on my website www.Pyoung1s.co.uk and links to rally sites:


Round Britain Rally

Welsh National Rally

National Rally

Scottish Rally


Email me if you would like more info. I wasn't going to do any this year until a friend emailed that he wanted to put a team into the National again and as a result I'm now signed up to them all! Am planning to combine the Rev Up and Ride caching event with a bit of Round Britain rallying! Already starting plotting controls around the countryside and searching for which caches and trigs nearby I can bag at the same time!



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That'll be great to see you at the Rev up and Ride out EVENT the first bank holiday weekend in MAY :laughing:

I might hold off on the round britain till next year, and perhaps we'll maybe have more time to get a geo team together for it.

I may be tempted to join you for the Scottish rally, I'll need to look into it a bit more before I am convinced, or erm convince someone else it's a good idea lol, oh and convince work to give me the time off, but hey the latter has never been an issue for me :rolleyes:



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