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Help with DATUMs

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Major Newbee here,but what is the DATUM I should be using for my Area? 44.39.48n 123.07.64w(Albany Oregon,nearSalem).I know what they are for,but don't know which one to use. I have tried to research this,and have found three possible answers: WGS84,NAD27,orNAD83(which may all be wrong).As I change them,I get slightly differnt readings,by a few hundred meters.If any one has a link to a page that explains these,that would be great.Thanks in Advance.

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The datum must match the coordinates and really has nothing to do with any particular area or location.


To be usable ALL coordinates must be referenced to a datum and if one acquires coordinates without a datum then that's basically going to be a bit of a problem and a bit useless.


And your right they could all be wrong.


WGS84 & NAD83 for all intent and purposes used here are the same. NAD27 is an older localized datum.


Cheers, Kerry.


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Thank You, I just found this on the site :


"Currently, Geocaching uses the WGS84 datum for all caches. Many maps still use NAD27, which can cause confusion if your GPS unit is set to NAD27. Always check your GPS to ensure that WGS84 is the datum before entering a cache coordinate into your unit."

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Originally posted by radsel:


Many maps still use NAD27, which can cause confusion if your GPS unit is set to NAD27



Maps do not still use NAD-27. Even the latest military maps I have seen are NAD-83. What you are seeing is OLDER MAPS that were made under NAD-27, before NAD-83 or WGS-84 were implimented. I have hundreds of NAD-27 military maps, and yes it is a pain to remember to convert! icon_biggrin.gif


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