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Calling Geocachers In Japan


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I am a Geocacher in Canada.

I collect Starbucks Coffee Cards.

These are the cards that you get at starbuck to use as cash. they are about the size of a credit card.

I would like to get some Japanese Versions of these cards to ad to my collection.


If anyone in Japan can mail me some of these Cards I will either send you some money for them or better yet I can trade you for either a Candian or an American Geocoin.


If you can help please send me a message.



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Hi there Duncan Clan,


I have been talking with someone recently in Japan but do not have any Japanese cards in my hands as of yet.

If you do go and are able to help out I can send you a link thta will show which cards are issued in Japan and which ones I would like to get.

In the future email me directly so that I get your message in my inbox instead of on this site which I do not check very often.


Here i sthe page with the Japanese cards on it... http://www.buckscards.com/japan.htm

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I am in Okinawa, Japan and would be happy to send you a Starbucks card. I don't drink much Starbucks coffee (too addicted to Mountain Dew to bother drinking anything else) but I know where a Starbucks is and was planning on heading that way this coming weekend.

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