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Tb: End Of One Way Journey

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I've been interested in launching my first Travel Bug (TB). In looking at the goals of other TB's. It seems that most travel around and then come back home. Or some go to a specific person. Or some just keep traveling on and on.


What happens to a TB that is supposed to end up at some destination? Let's say I launch a TB with a goal of going to NYC. Once it gets there does the next person that finds it in NYC get to keep it? Or do they release it and it just keeps traveling around NYC forever?


I'm curious about what happens to a TB at the end of a one way journey? And what are the other options?

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My but you waited a long time between your account setup and your first find. Glad to see you in action. We travel through your area about 6 time a year traveling between N. CA and Seattle.


Travel bug goals are always the option of the tb owner. Sometimes the tb is for someone at the other end and often times it is simply reassigned a new goal by the owner. Only the tb owner can amend the tb page. Far too many tb's don't make their goals due to kidnapping by short-time geocachers or by getting "muggled" by the general public.

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My towel has completed several goals:


One was to accompany me.

When I was done with that, I changed the goal for it to go to Texas. Then I also added a subgoal to go to specific caches in Texas AND to meet some Texas cachers.

When it is done THAT, I plan on sending it to New Mexico.


I just LOVE that "edit feature."


I have documented the goals and kept them ALL on the page, properly annotated, of course.

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Thanks for setting me straight! I guess the only time your travel bug would end up in the hands of a stranger, permanently, would be if it was taken or lost.


So mainly the TB owner either has their bug return to them or they keep changing it's goal to travel on and on... until it gets lost or stolen.


Has anyone had a goal of a TB reaching a destination and then change the goal so that the next geocacher that finds it would become the new owner? And if so, is there a way to transfer ownership of a TB tag to someone else? Or is that against the intent of TB's?


Still trying to figure this cool TB concept all out. I'm very excited about Travel Bugs!!! <_<

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