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Garmin Quest Gps


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I haven't seen one of the Garmin mounts, but I think it includes bracket that provides external power, like the car adapter.


The RAM mount that I use is about 1/2 the price of the one Garmin and doesn't require running power to it. Even if you're using it for a long distance trip, you should have enough battery power for a days ride then just bring the AC adapter and recharge it when you get to a hotel.


I was at a bike show a few weeks ago and found a company selling all kinds of mounts and accessories for GPS units. I picked up a small adapter for about $5 that you can use to mount the existing car mount (that includes a power connector) to one of the RAM handlebar brakets. The RAM brackets come in 2 parts, one for the handlebar and one for the Quest. You can see the entire RAM Quest bracket at http://www.cycoactive.com/ram/quest.shtml.

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I was wondering if anybody have used the latest Garmin GPS Quest for caching?


I own a Quest but have not used it for geocaching. It's mainly meant as a very portable automotive navigator, but....


The unit does not have a straight GoTo path like those from eTrex. It has Auto Routing feature which you cannot be turned off.


The unit does have an off-road straight line goto like any other GPS out there. You simply choose your waypoint (or "location" as the Quest calls it) and select "route to". Just like the 60C(S) or the Vista C/Legend C you will be given a three options...Faster Time, Shorter Distance or Off Road. If you select Off Road, a straight line goto will be generated along with a compass screen with a switchable course or bearing pointer.


Bearing pointer:



Course pointer:


Thank you


This is the only thing that I was dissapointed with the Quest. Now I dont have to use the Vista anymoore. ;)


/ Jossa

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Well thanks to the many posts on the Quest here I've decided that it will be the replacement for my GPSV.


I received it today and have been playing with it all night. Aside from having to get used to new button placements, I'm very happy with it...


... although I've found something very inconvenient with the unit. If you create or load a waypoint that is over 185 km (115 miles) from your current location or pointer it won't show up in your "My Location" (waypoint) list. You are required to zoom out and either place the pointer on it or within the above mentioned distances in order to route to it or even look at it's data.


Does anyone know why this is or if it may be fixed by something I'm missing?



It's just been pointed out to me that if you change the Find option to "Find by name" rather than "Find nearest", all your waypoints will be able to be viewed.


Thanks Robert Elsinga

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