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Another New Request!

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How about when you're on a watch list or receiving a cache notice as an owner where a photo has been placed in a log, that you are notified? :D I just happened to be going thru some of my TB and cache pages today and for the first time saw photos I never would have unless I happened to be going thru them today! :D


I'll hide now :D

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Seems to me this has been suggested before. The problem, as I recall, is that the email is sent right away when the log is submitted. At that point, the pictures havnt been added yet. And in some cases the pictures wont be added for several days/weeks.

I remember too it's been talked before. The suggested remedy for the problem you mentioned was to have some sort of a delay time. That is, if photos are uploaded within, say, a week from the log, you won't get a notifying email. After that you will.


I've been known to upload photos even weeks after my visit on a cache or a TB logging. Sometimes I just browse through my photo galleries and notice that there are pics that I've forgotten to upload. On other occasions I've uploaded a bunch of photos after returning from a vacation trip (where I have logged my finds on public terminals without a possibility to upload photos).

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It's always good when the owner makes someone feel like an a** for asking a legit question and having a bit of fun. Keep up the perfect work, sorry to disturb you, back to lurk mode!


It would be nice to get a reply from the TPTB when a request is asked for. Either say NO WAY, or WE CAN DO THAT, or maybe GOOD IDEA! 


Just something to let us know they actually read the forum about the website!


Actually, I think he was commenting on the fact that you implied he doesn't read the forum & improve the website. Thus YOU tried to make HIM feel like an a**.


Please continue. Lurking.

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