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In the past I have downloaded place names that are nearby a particular cache. I don't see this option anymore. When I click on place names I get a list of the places, but no download feature.


Has this been changed or is there another way to download place names?



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I think the way it is now is much more useful. To be able to easily see a list of nearby placenames can help me get an idea of what part of town (or the state) a cache is located in, sometimes better than a map. I never really understood the purpose of getting a LOC file with this info. Why would I want to upload it to my GPS?

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I'm pretty sure that what the web site provided came from a source like GNIS. It can be a bit of a chore to wade through. I think that Topografix at one time had converted them all to .loc files.


GPSBabel's radius filter can help you whack the data sets down to a more manageable size.


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