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Indoctrinating The Next Generation

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We've got a lot of nieces and nephews, and have often wondered if they'd be interested in geocaching, but had been reluctant to take them out for a test run, fearing the worst ("This is so dumb! Can we go home now??" etc.) Finally this weekend we had a good opportunity -- we were at a family reunion that was directly across the street from a conservation area with an easy, kid-friendly cache hidden in it. We decided to give it a shot, and took a couple of nieces out for their first cache.


One didn't seem too thrilled with it, but the other had exactly the kind of reaction I was hoping for (but not expecting): she loved the concept, grabbed the GPSr and was off and running, spotted the first cache almost as soon as we got to the general area, and then said "I want to do another one!" There was another one about a half a mile away, and as soon as we told her the general direction, she was off and running again. This one was listed as being in a cedar tree, and none of us knew what a cedar tree looked like. We reached a grove of trees and she said "I'm going to look for a type of tree that I've never climbed before." A few seconds later, she pointed to one about 30 feet off: "I think it's that one." She went over to it, stood on tiptoe and reached into the crook of a branch about 6 feet off the ground, and presto, out came the cache. She's a natural at it ;)


She extracted a promise from us to take her out with us on our next caching day. The whole walk back to the party, she kept saying "This is so fun! I can't believe that all these things have been out here all this time and I never knew!" (That was exactly my reaction when we found our first cache.)


Woohoo -- another generation addicted! :P

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