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Hi guys. Just woke - well am waking - from a very long hibernation from geocaching. I just wanted to make a few points, get off my log and go back to sleep.


I am encouraged by the all the new caches that are in my area. I just can't make the 1-hr out, 3-hr cache, 1-hr back cache trips twice a week. I need some close by. That being said, I've noticed that many in my area have come and gone. I'm happy to say that the very first cache I ever placed is still active and just got a hit yesterday! Woo hoo!


Some in the area have been poorly placed. There was one that was hidden in a water bottle in a clump of crepe myrtles in the middle of the grassy area in the middle of the busiest city park. Frankly, I was suprised that it lasted so long. I had the misfortune of being the last one to be successful in finding it. That makes me suspect #1 when it came up missing not long after I found it.


It had bothered me a little and so I went back out there yesterday to see what I could see. Same trash was there from 5 months ago, but the cache was certainly gone.


I came across a groups of gypsy-esque American-Gladiator types who were swordfighting with oversized Q-Tips. Apparently my Sunday attire and quick walk to the crepe myrtle and back seized them with an insatiable appetite for curiosity. They asked if I was looking for something and I quickly explained about the cache. They told me they saw it months ago and noticed the camera inside with the instructions to take pictures of themselves. So they took a bunch of pictures of themselves, hoping someday to meet the people that left the treasure trove there for them to explore.


Well, my guess is that if the gypsies found the cache, the park maintainers found the cache, too. Sigh.


Had I mentioned that I'm happy to see more caches in the area? I really am. I hope to knock out the whole county in a couple weeks (Shoot, there still aren't more than 10ish). Better find mine that the last few have given up on. Last time I did that, though, the coords were right on and there she sat... But it has been raining a lot. Anything can move.


Anyway, good to be back.

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The medieval types with q-tips sound like Amtgarders. I placed my first cache in the park where I dress up and whack people with foam padding so I could check on it once a week while out fighting; however, our park got hit by two (not one, two) hurricanes and they won't allow anyone in to check on the cache. In the meantime, we're looking for a new park, and a new hiding spot. You'de be surprised how many folks with foam swords really love geocaching; did you give them the url so they could try it themselves? And whereabouts are you located?


-Thystle of FL (the FL stands for FlatLand)

aka Baronet Aoife Nic Paisley, closet Ren-Rat

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I didn't give them the URL. This is in Greenville, Tx. They know of geocaching, I presume, 'cause the read the log book enough to know that they were encouraged to take bunches of pictures of themselves.


I'll have to find out more about Amtgarders. The lady I talked to had a Psudonym. She probably would have thought I was mocking her if I said "Hello Helen of Greenville. I'm VentureForth".


Next time I go out there I'll take an offering of Shepherd's Pie. Hey - I may just make some of that for myself...


They looked like they were having fun. Kind of picnicking away from all the other park goers. The biggest thing I noticed was that there were a bunch of kids - like 9-12 year olds playing. All having jolly fun.



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