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Trip To Asia


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I have a business trip to Kawasaki, Japan, Penang, Malaysia, and Xiamen, China. Can someone that lives in these countries give me some coordinates? I would like to search for caches that will be geographically close to where I will be.


Also, is there anything I should know about caching in these countries? I really don't want to be a foreigner that ends up in jail in a unknown land because I am thought of being suspicious while looking for a cache. Are there poisonous plants animals or bugs that I need to watch out for? Any tips would be very helpful!


Thanks, Acer0001 ;)

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:mad: Here are some for a ski resort near Kawasaki. When I did a look see on the geocaching site it came up with about six caches.


Latitude N 38.2133

Longitude E 140.5191


Nothing really to worry about here in Japan. Not sure about China or Malaysa. Have done some geocaching in Singapore and didn't have any problems. Let me know if this helps.



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You'll be fine in China as long as you 'can' be in the area you are travelling. There are not that many sites in China yet, so quick search by country will bring the sites.


If you have questions about a particular area, feel free to ask... I've been out here for about four years and I get around a bit. I'd be happy to try and help if I can.


Take care! Savoy

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