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Cache In Ai-ais Namibia


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Hi there,


during my vacation in Namibia i´ve found a cache by accident at Ai-Ais, 27.9170S, 17.4830E, on a hill beneath the campground. In the box were some goods an a "official GC flyer". Unfortunatelly is thisone not listet at gc.com. Does anybody know anything about it? I´ll also post this in the South african forum.


Regards, Helmut

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Hello Africard,


thank you for the hint, indeed it is the one. After i had no reply in the forums i tried to mail some of the cachehider who do their profession near Ai-Ais and 4x4offroad answered. After the approval i could log a FTF :lostsignal: , but shame on me, i didn´t close the thread. So go on everybody, seek "hot on top" it´s worth the way up to the summit.


keep on caching, skaut

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