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Changes to Cache Details Page.

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Although to some the page may look the same, I've actually overhauled the entire cache details page so the will (hopefully) run much faster for you.


First, you'll notice that the number of caches found has been removed from the logs. The reason behind this is that now the pages are generated whenever there is a change - such as a travel bug added, a new log posted, or the cache itself edited by the owner. As a result, if you log other caches afterwards (or if no activity occurs for the cache after your log), the number found would be incorrect. You can, however, still click on the user's name to see their profile, which contains their find count.


Second, the print friendly page has gone over a much appreciated (to me and others) update. Gone is the border, and I've moved the map up to the top of the page. I also removed the cache icon and replaced it with the name in text.


Lastly, there is a "last generated" date, so you know when the last actual change occured for the cache. There is also a bit of text that tells you how the page was generated, whether from memory or just generated.


I guarantee there will be some issues with this page, and I probably introduced some bugs. If you find any, please let me know. However, I expect that you will be able to view the pages much more quickly, which was the ultimate goal to convert the page over to a new code base.




Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location

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