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Would Anybody Be Willing To Play Paintball

Shoobie & the Sand Crabs
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I think you need to explain a bit more on what you are thinking.


I geocache and I play paintball. I just can't figure out how you are trying to combine the two. Give us a short rundown on what is expected.


Some things to think about


Paintball side

Own equipment or rentals?

Official field or renegade field?

Goggle breaks?


Geocaching side

Multi cache, Event or other?

Race style?



I could assist you in the planning if you like. But a little more info is needed.

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Ok, I got an idea. This would have nothing to do with Geocaching.com, but could still prove to be interesting in combining paintball and caching.


This would require a big game type field (ie. large woods field). In the morning before the game starts each team hunts out locations to hide a cache. Each team hides say 4 caches on the field. They then come back and give the coords to the event organizer. The organizer then gives these coords to everyone. Now, the object of the game, instead of capture the flag (or holding a flag station, as in many big games) is for each team to find these 4 caches and return them to their "base". The first team to get all 4 back to their base wins.

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