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My First Cache Hidden Contents

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Hope I do Not Reply To Much To Posting. (i am new)


I now have My first cache, which I Will Place. Will place this coming weekend. (have followed all guidelines)


I Will Place Some Collectable Items, Some Money, and valuable items.


Have all necessary rules included in box.


My Question: Should I Add These items to cache? Want the finder to have a Great Cache. Just want to share some Items I have aquired over time.


I Am an Nam Vet and want to share that in My New Hobby/Sport.





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A good start, but don't go overboard. Just put in interesting items that you think may be of use to others. I rarely spend more than 2-3 bucks on an item. If you search this forum, I have an extensive list somewhere of the kind of items I place in caches. If I have time, I'll look for it and past it here.


Also a few items for any kids may be a good idea if it's a kid friendly cache. New Matchbox cars, boxes of crayons (well not in the summer), packs of stickers.


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