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Need Help Finding Case For Garmin Legend/vista C

Low Bat
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I'm looking for a case/holster for my Garmin Vista C and can't find a decent one. Here's what I have so far:


I have found large generic pouches which any GPS will fit into, but that defeats the purpose of having a small GPS, so I rule these out.


Garmin makes a neoprene case designed for the eTrex, but this doesn't really fit right on the housing of the color series. Also the screen is a different dimension so the clear window on the neoprene case is off. I never liked this case when I had a non-color Vista anyways.


I very much like the protection, style, belt clip, of the "eTrex holster" offered by Garmin. It does have a drawback as the liner is an abrasive material that eats away at the rubber runners of the battery door. Now Garmin is saying this is the case for the "C" (color) series of eTrex as well. Although the dimensions are similar, the "C" series is slightly wider and is harder to get in and out of the holster. This tighter fit also adds to the abrasion problem. I wrote Garmin about my findings and got a reply saying my recommendations were being passed along to the design team.


Next I looked at Ripoffs for cases. They have a large selection and I already use many of their products. The one they say is right for the eTrex is the CO-97A. This model is designed to be used with other radio products as well and as a result does not have a full sized flap to protect the top of a unit. The reason is to allow for an antenna and top mounted control knob. I wrote them for a recommendation and they came up with a questionable sized substitute (CO-42).


Surfing the internet I find most vendors are simply listing cases made by Garmin that aren’t made for the "C" series. I did find something made by Everest, but by looking at the picture I can see it's too tall and also would interfere with the control stick on front of the GPS unit.


Several web sites advertise a "Garmin belt clip" and show a picture of a case similar but different to the "Garmin Holster". When I ordered one I got an actual belt clip that was not the product pictured.


So now I post this message to see what others have found to use as a case/holster for the Garmin eTrex Vista C. Any feedback is appreciated.



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Low Bat,


Like you, I struggled with this same problem with my Legend C and Vista C... I called up Garmin and asked them about their eTrex Legend/Vista case fitting the new "C" models (with the shorter and wider screen), and they assured me that the case would indeed fit. Giving Garmin the benifit of the doubt, I went ahead and ordered two of their eTrex cases from one of their authorized dealers and was very disappointed to find that they did not fit. The clear plastic does NOT fit the new screen size in the new Legend C/Vista C units as it cuts off part of the screen. This was very maddening for me. When I called Garmin about the problem, they told me to return the cases and that they would let the design team know about the problem. This was more than a month ago now, so apparently they aren't planning on doing anything about it and will continue ripping folks off by telling them that the case fits when it really doesn't. Oy! B)


Anyway, I did eventually find a case that works. The case is also made for the older eTrex Legend/Vista models, but it does indeed work. The plastic area is large enough to fit over the screen on the newer "C" models. It's not perfect by any means, but it does work. Here's a link to the case that I'm now using:


BE100 BLACK Neoprene Case for eTrex Series


I hope this helps some...

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Thank you OfficeMaven, glad you found a solution that works for you. I did see that case but assumed it was going to be a size problem too so I didn't order it.


Today I went down to a store that stocks a lot of Ripoffs cases and tried every one they carry. That best fit I could find was a model CO-78A. It's not a perfect fit, but it will suffice until Garmin makes a specific holster for the "C" series. With enough of us contacting Garmin and complaining, I hope they will eventually take action.

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Hi, I just got started and my hubby got me the eTrex Vista C this weekend. I had a case I just bought at a sporting goods store for my cell phone that fit it perfectly. I use it for protection as it is a full cover with a zipper. It was made by freestyle and just big enough to fit the device and let the cord hang out. It's canvas, padding and a belt loop and clip. Now I need another one for my phone! :huh:

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I looked for a Freestyle case on the internet without success. Actually I prefer cases that open with a simple Velcro flap. The zipper tends to be difficult to manipulate while the case is attached to a belt.


The Ripoffs CO-78A is an ok fit, but I found the liner material will also wear away at the rubber battery door almost as bad as with the Garmin holster.


Ok, now I got motivated to come up with a better solution. I so much like the design and quality of the Garmin holster (010-10309-00) that I decided to see what I could do to modify it. The first problem being a tight fit wasn't so difficult to fix. The shape of the case allows for some stretching if you pull it wider. This takes a little time but it will work. There is some slack (in stiff form) in material close to the seam that can be made to stretch allowing for the overall fit to accommodate the Vista C.


Now the abrasion problem. There was nothing I could do to the case to modify the liner, so I focused on the battery door instead. Garmin made this door with a rubber coating so the unit will not slide when placed on a flat surface such as a dashboard. I tried Armor all, paint, and other liquid coverings, but found these would simply wear off in the holster. What I needed was a stronger barrier. Two ideas came to mind; super glue and nail polish. Not having nail polish, I tried the super glue. I painted on a single coat on the battery door and allowed it to dry. Later I used a fine sand paper to smooth out the surface. The result worked and the battery door no longer gets worn down in the holster. This might be more trouble then its worth for most people. Eventually Garmin will probably come up with a case well suited for the eTrex "C" series.

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