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  1. Sale complete. As per forum rules I'm now requesting this thread be closed. Thank you Groundspeak.
  2. Ill take it, see my pm and email i sent. Thanks! Hello, I just got your PM and email and posted the pictures you wanted. I'll send you another email in a minute.
  3. Price drop to $265 via PayPal. Free shipping to any continental U.S. address is included.
  4. Pre-owned Garmin Oregon 300 in like new condition. Well cared for and kept in protective case. Comes with owner's manual and quick start guide on CD, quick start guide on paper, carbiner attachment, and a shorty USB connection cable. Also included in the deal: Garmin Topo 24K West (California and Nevada) microSD. Sandisk 2G microSD card with the SD adapter and case. This microSD contains contains Garmin MapSource U.S. 24K National Parks West. Ripoffs brand clip-on belt holster. Two Duracell 2650 mAh NiMH AA batteries. Total package deal is $285 via PayPal. Free shipping to any continental U.S. address is included. First person to post “I'll take it” initiates the sale.
  5. I've been following the development of rescue devices such as SPOT and the more recent McMurdo Fast Find. Such tools could save lives in situations that otherwise would be lost. It's sad to see such devices being used so casually. When cell phones became common, places like Yosemite regularly got calls into their dispatch from tired hikers and those who didn't pack enough water. The nice thing about a cell phone (when it has a signal) is the rescue agency can make a determination if rescuing is really needed. In Yosemite the exhausted hiker is usually told to rest at intervals as he or she hikes out. For those callers out for the day in the hot sun without water, they too are usually told to simply walk back to their camp while resting as needed. I still hike but no longer do overnights. Even as a day hiker I carry supplies in case I have to spend the night in the wilderness. It would take losing my map, my GPS, my primary and backup supplies, and maybe even braking an ankle or leg before I assessed the need to push the emergency button. Basically if I got to the point where I'd be more than happy to pay thousands of dollars for a rescue is when I think I'd be ready to activate a PLB.
  6. Well this is definately an interesting development. When making a jpeg image of a .pdf map am I supposed to copy the most zoomed in level, zoomed out level, or somewhere in between? Here's a map of what I want to put in my Oregon 300 (when suppored). http://www.sccgov.org/SCC/docs%2FParks%20a...verGuideMap.pdf
  7. Only 19 posts and than nothing for 9 days. Amazing how quiet this latest software thread is. Hasn't anyone found anymore bugs, or is 3.20 really that good?
  8. I'm still amazed we still get updates so frequently. I think I plug in my Oregon 300 three times more often for software updates than I do for updated pocket queries. Now that track logs are good I was hoping the Garmin team would be tackling the WAAS issue.
  9. I think using direct sunlight is a bad example, as that really isn't where the problem is. The real issue is screen visibility in "indirect" sunlight. This is when the screen on the Oregon is washed out. For comparison, low resolution screens on models like the 60CSx are very readable in indirect sunlight.
  10. Thanks everyone for your experiences. I think I'll upgrade to 3.15 beta as it sounds like a good version.
  11. Sounds like Brendan Fraser was using it in the falling scene of "Journey to the Center of the Earth". Sometimes I'd see a track log where one point was something like 400 miles away. This even occerred once on my 60CSx when I had it. I just assumed GPS will occasonally hiccup some of the data. After all they are radio receivers and we all know radio waves are subject to interference.
  12. I'm sticking with v3.10 at the moment. I do have two questions for users of v3.15 beta. 1) Is the Oregon tracklog inaccuracy issue now resolved? I don't mean perfect, just mean no longer off by huge margins like earlier software versions. I think the problem was related to slow speeds like walking. 2) How is WAAS reception? Does it still require a clear view of the sky and a long wait time or can you get a quick WAAS lock with some tree cover? Thanks
  13. Hey my Garmin Topo 24K microSD has both topo and routable streets displayed together. I believe this is the same with the newer Garmin Topo 24K DVD as well. I'm using an Oregon 300 now (paperless), and prior to this my 60CSx (non paperless) would also display the topo and roads together with the same Topo 24K microSD.
  14. Try calibrating the touch screen. Turn the Oregon off and power it back on again, holding the power button down as it initializes. After about 30 seconds you will enter a screen calibration page where you can recalibrate the touch screen.
  15. Take a look at the Garmin Rino series.
  16. I just don't get why every new beta version includes at least one new bug. We here on the forum seem to find them within hours of release. How is it Garmin so blindly misses them?
  17. I've noticed my Oregon 300 shutdown a few times when I go off course while driving an active route. It appears to happen when the unit is recalculating. I'm using a Topo 24K West microSD card with WAAS on. Software version is 2.98 beta. Error log sent to Garmin.
  18. I once put the "shield" on a 60CSx and didn't like the look of it. Much happier without it, and my current Oregon shows no signs of scratches on the screen. One thing that really protects the unit when I'm not holding it is my Ripoffs CO-IQ case. Unlike the supplied carabiner clip which is just asking for cosmetic damage, the padded nylon case with a velcro flap allows me to hike pretty much worry free.
  19. I'm sure a bird or two might fail from age before they're replaced, but that alone won't stop anyone from getting a ground fix with all the remaining satellites. Even if all the US satellites went dark we'd probably just get software updates to use the sats from Russia, China, India, or Europe. Come to think of it aren't most of our consumer GPS receivers made in China? Maybe my Garmin Oregon (or Beijing after a firmware change) with finally produce a steady track log while receiving from satellites stamped "Made in China".
  20. Santa Barbara, California based Foarm makes a case for the Colorado and a few other GPS receivers. They were working on a case for the Oregon although I don't know if it's been completed. You could call Jeff Krause, Sr Designer (805) 962-5553 ext 112 Here's what the Colorado case looks like: http://www.gpsfix.net/foarm-cases-for-colo...nd-oregon-soon/
  21. Any word from Garmin on which chipset will be in the Oregon 500 series? I really liked that SIRF Star III in my previous GPSr.
  22. Wow 210 in 3 days?!? By my calculations (say 14 hours of geocaching a day for 3 days) you found 1 geocache every 12 minutes. Amazing! My lifetime total is 169, and that's taken me 7 1/2 years. My last outing using 2.97 I didn't turn on the track log, but I did reset the trip computer. After walking about 3 miles I checked the trip computer, and it said I had walked 345 miles. That's a lot of drift.
  23. Only if you and your GPSr turn in the SAME direction, otherwise the GPSr will basically point in the same direction while you do a 360.
  24. I was about to post something similar but you beat me to it. Reminds me of the joke about screwing in a lightbulb by holding it in place while several others spin the step ladder.
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