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Help With "where's In A Name" Cache?


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This cache intrigues me. What a fantastic opportunity for a geography lesson.

I'm working on GC3153 Locationless "Where's in a Name" cache. Check it out!

My username translates to 26-62.66


Using 26deg 62.66 I come up with a long list of countries, including (Lat N) Mexico, Florida, China, India, a band across North Africa; (Long W) Greenland and Antarctica off the Weddel Sea; (Long E) Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Egypt, Sudan, COngo, Zambia, Botswana, S. Africa; (Lat S) Puraguay, Argentina, Chile, Western Australia.


Can you help me complete this cache? We both get credit. :lol:

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