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Updating Garmin Firmware W/ Usb Serial Adapter

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I am currently using a Radio Shack USB to Serial adapter, in tandem with my vista data transfer cable. I am able to download maps via Mapsource products, and to download coords using Easy GPS with this configuration. The problem comes in when attempting to update the firmware using Garmins Updater. Updater only supports COMs 1-4, while my cable configuration results in an address of COM 5. Does anyone know how to configure either the cable to emulate a COM 1-4 address or to get Updater to recognize COM 5?

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:P I appreciate both of your responses. As for trying a different usb port, it is peculiar but only the usb port that I originally installed the cable drivers on recognizes the cable. The other port says it's new hardware, and since I don't have an 3 1/2 drive to load available, I had to look for another alternative.


So option 2, just type in COM5. Yuccapatrol, I would have thought that the drop down list was locked, but your right. I was able to type in COM5 and download the firmware.


Thanks again

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