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Gpx To Mapsource...

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I used to have a nifty little utility that converted GPX files to Mapsource Waypoints. THe program would allow you to choose the waypoint icon and then automatically open Mapsource and transfer the converted file.


Now I can't find it and apparently I didn't keep a backup copy.


Anyone happen to know the name of the program I'm talking about or better yet does anyone have a link?


I tried searchign the forums but nothing popped p.

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If you're happy with those two, great. The authors are both real helpful guys.


There is another program that will convert GPX to Mapsource. What was the name of that? Babel something or another... I think I heard somewhere that it's even used by GSAK's Mapsource hooks. :-)

Kewl. Didn't realize GPSBabel would do this as well.


Taking notes here....

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