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Possibly The Dumbest Question Ever?


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Don't know how to phrase this, but didn't see it on the Markwell's page.

I'm really new, only 19 finds so far. There would be 21, but two of the caches found are either missing or destroyed. One, Petty park, had been downloaded into my GPSr about a week before I went looking, found the velcro where the micro cache had once been, and when I went to the webpage, the cache had already been removed from the site. The other we found in pieces on the ground in an area that had been bulldozed, and we sent a note to the reviewer to have it archived.

Now for the dumb question part.

Do you get a smiley for those? I mean, we searched, and found evidence, but no logbook to prove the find. Maybe after 500 finds missing 2 isn't such a big deal. Whats the proper etiquette in these situations?



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