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Gps Accuracy

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Hi CDN. Welcome to geocaching!


Let me introduce you to the search feature. You'll probably find it to be one of the more powerful features this message board has to offer. Near the upper right, click the eyeglass icon next to the word "search". Type in a couple of keywords and watch the hits pile up. This is an issue that has been discussed hundreds of times here before.


Having said that, GPS accuracy is most often not the issue. Rather, it is typically how the coordinates are measured in the first place. If you measure with plus/minus 10meter accuracy, and a cacher is searching with a GPS of plus/minus 10meter accuracy, you can see how "off" one might get.


You'll get used to it. After a few caches, you'll start to zone in on likely spots even without the need of your GPS... well sometimes anyway :huh:

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All good points but another is your GPSr's firmware. Make sure it is up-to-date and often this has benefits, all other things being equal.


However, this may also really mess thing up. I upgraded my Meridian Color from v5.12 to v5.34 and all went to %^&*. I went from 3-6 meter error to 3 times that, went back to 5.12 and back on track.


I believe it was the firmware since initialization followed the same steps.


Anyone else have comments about 5.34?

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