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Step Into Cheshire


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As part of the Step Into Cheshire event on 18/19 September, Cheshire County Council are keen to have an introduction to geocaching event for the public at one of their country parks. They're looking at a reasonably small-scale event, catering for maybe 100 visitors. They offered a couple of venues (Brereton Lake and Teggs Nose), both of which have a ranger centre which could be used for running the event. (They can provide some laptops to show visitors the web side of things).


I've had a quick nose (groan!) round the two sites, but unfortunately I don't have time available to organise anything myself, so I'm looking for cachers in the Cheshire / Peak District area who would like to take this on. The whole Step Into Cheshire initiative is expected to attract up to half a million people across the county, with all sorts of activities, so it would be great if Geocaching could be represented.


If you think this sounds like fun let me know and I'll put you in touch with the CCC.




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One of the guys from Cheshire County Council is also a geocacher who's placed a couple of caches in the area. He's already logged the Brereton Lake cache and I'm sure he knows about the one at Teggs.


Pity you're pre-booked for that weekend. It's also the weekend that large chunks of Cheshire become access land and we get the right to roam on them. Certainly a day worth celebrating!

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