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Need Help With Pocke Queries Please


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I used to be able to generate pocket queries, now when I go and click on the link to generate, it gives me a message that I need to be a "Premium" member. I've been a premium member for awhile now. In fact July 3rd, $3 was charged to my Paypal account.


Whn I enter my subscription # into the "Activate", it says it's already activated. Yet it won't let me generate Queries.....in fact I just noticed that my custom "Flashmaster" is replaced by "Geocacher" under my avitar also. So I guess I'm being charged but I don't have Premium privilages?


Any ideas? Help please!!! This just happened recently.



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Cool, thanks! I've been a Premium for awhile and been able to generate queries before like a said but not now :anitongue:. I was going to go on a hike and wanted to get the lates Geocache waypoints into my GPSrs.


I just double checked and it paid July 9th, not 3rd like my original said:



Groundspeak (The recipient of this subscription is Verified)




Subscription Date:

Jun. 9, 2003


11:17:30 PDT




Next Payment Date:

Aug. 9, 2004


$3.00 USD


Subscription Terms:

$3.00 USD for each month

Business Contact Information





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I just happened to notice this post tonight. In the future if you have an issue with the Geoaching.com site, send an email to contact@geocaching.com


I went ahead and investigated your issue, and the link between PayPal and Geocaching caused an interruption for some users on July 9. I restored your membership for you and added a month credit to the end of your subscription.

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