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Communication With Ngs


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I submitted a few found reports on local benchmars to the NGS. They were mostly ones that havn't been found in 25+ years.


Is it common to get a reply from the NGS?

Do people report their confirmed found (or missing) marks to the NGS?

Have you ever seen a data sheet updated with info from a geocacher?


Just curious



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dhenning25 -


Ditto the above - NGS does not respond to or acknowledge normal ("found" or "not found") recovery reports.


I have exchanged e-mails with our contact at NGS, Deb Brown, regarding destroyed or mis-stamped benchmarks.


I have submitted 113 recovery reports through the NGS system. To date, I have seen 56 of them reflected on the NGS datasheet. It normally takes 4-6 weeks for NGS to process the recovery report and update their datasheet. For a while, the turnaround was slower because Ms. Brown was out of the office for a few weeks.


For an example of an updated NGS datasheet, see HW0446. Compare the Geocaching post with the NGS sheet. Here's a link to the Geocaching datasheet:





aka "GEOCAC (WD)" to the NGS

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For an example of an updated NGS datasheet, see HW0446.  Compare the Geocaching post with the NGS sheet.

Howdy, Seventhings!


Looking at the updated NGS datasheet for HW0446 I'm confused by the elevation you say is stamped on the disk. The datasheet indicates an elevation of 456.24 feet (the superseded control was 457.02 feet, and even the topo map shows it as 457 feet) so it seems doubtful that the 825 value is correct. I also see that in the photo of the mark for your GC.com log the number “825” is stamped in two locations. Is it possible that this was simply an intended duplication of the station designation, perhaps to ensure future legibility?


Cheers ...

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Aloha, Rich in Nepa -


You are almost certainly correct about the second "825" being a redundant stamping of the station number on HW0446. However, in my description of the station, I was reporting what I saw on the disk objectively but, perhaps, artlessly. I actually thought about the wording for a second after I had drafted the new description but passed on clarifying the wording to say something like ".... ELEVATION (BLANK) FEET WITH WHAT APPEARS TO BE A REDUNDANT 825 IN THE SOUTHWEST QUADRANT OF THE DISK ..." etc. based on the fact that the exact wording of that data element was immaterial to the greater purposes of confirming the station's existence and providing a hypothetical user with the information necessary to find it.


But, thanks. It is bracing to know that someone with much more than a passing interest is watching.




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