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I just bought the Mapsource Topo sorfware to use with my Etrex Legend. I have two questions on using it:


1st - Is there a way to run it from the PC hard drive instead off of the CD ROM. I have tried copying all of the Mapping files on the CD to the garmin folder but the program continues to ask me to insert the CD. I frequently do not have the CD ROM drive in my laptop, I remove it to install a battery.


2nd - I have downloaded the latest software update from the Garmin website. This appeared to update the software. Are there updates available for the maps?


Thanks for the help!!!

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All right, another Texan!


You should be able to no problem...just make sure that you copy them to your HD first then install it, that's how I worked it and it's fine.


If you install from CD then copy to your HD the directory will always look for your CD.


I'm sure there's a techie out there that can help tweak the registry if you've already installed via CD.


No map updates as far as I know.

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Thanks for the info - I've already installed it from the CD. But I'll uninstall and do it again.


As far as the updates - I bought an older version on Ebay thinking I was saveing some money and knowing that there were updates on the Garmin website. Now that I've learned that the updates are only for the software and not the maps I think I may have goofed.


I have version 3.02 (it is copyrighted 2000) and the maps do not contain any of the streets in my subdivision. The oldest houses in the subdivision are from the early 80's so they should be there. Is this just a fluke or are there many areas around the country that are missing streets?


Do the currently for sale versions of the program have updated maps from what I have? If so I may try to resell on Ebay and by it new.



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If you want streets, roadmaps, etc your best bet is City Select as that has almost every road out there...


I use both TOPO and CS so for roads, etc I'm not sure if TOPO even has roads--well maybe they have major roads--I just never look b/c my gps has a basemap and CS covers the rest...


I don't think TOPO does exactly what you want it to do. Maybe someone else can chime in...I've never paid too close detail to what is being sought.

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