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First Underwater Marker

The TriVans

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Thank you for bringing that to my attention. A new dimension to our hobby? ;)


A conincidence: I was getting ready to search for benchmarks in Clinton county, IL and noticed that a couple might be inadvertant under water benchmarks. JB0836 and JB0837 were placed along a RR. Later Carlyle Reservoir was built. The RR is now crossing the lake, on a causeway and/or bridges. I am curious if the above benchmarks are now submerged? I e-mailed a sailboating friend, also told him about GCJTZD Boaters Only! Cache Strangely, he is ignoring my e-mail! :P

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Were those little people or was that disk a bit larger than I am used to seeing?


They look very similar to the disks they are using for the Lewis & Clark placements. They are 8-inch disks, so, yes, they are larger than you are used to seeing. :D


It's a cool story and photo. I just don't see any of our NGS friends in there like Dave Doyle. Where were you Dave?

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Interesting project, and its nice to see some Washington bigwigs doing some real work for a change.


But I must disagree with them about it being the "first" underwater geodetic marker. It may be the first mark intentionally set underwater, but there are probably hundreds or thousands of marks that were set in flood plains that are now underwater due to the construction of dams.

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