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Geocaching In Denmark Need Help


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I am goind to denmark for 3 a 4 weeks, i am plaining to take my gps and laptop with me. Now my problem, i want to put the geochaches op my laptop. some one know of it's possible to download these from geochaching.dk/.com?? or from some other site??


Thanks already,


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If you're a premium member in GC.com site, you'll be able to create Pocket Queries, with which you can download masses (500 at time) of geocache waypoints with criteria chosen by you. For example, all the caches in Denmark.


Otherwise you can just download waypoints 20 at time from Denmark's country page, which lists all the caches in Denmark starting from the newest ones.


Maybe they can offer better advice at geochaching.dk, but basically this is how it goes.


Edit: Oh, and have fun during your stay in Denmark! Don't forget to eat pølser and order rødgrød med fløde (remember to pronouce it right!) for dessert! :D

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As devil himself :D said: PQ can solve your problem if you are a premium member at Geocaching.com


otherwise do geocaching.dk offer you to download all caches in Denmark from their website at this page: http://www.geocaching.dk/downloads/downloads.asp (click on "geocaching waypoints" to the left)


Now I assume you don't understand Danish:


Then will it ask for username and password.

Click on the blue link below that ("Jeg har ikke noget brugernavn - jeg vil gerne oprettes.")


Then is this the fields to fill in:


First field: username

Second field: password

Third field: your name

Fourth field: your address

Fifth field: zipcode (in the first) and city (in the second box)

Sixth field: email

Seventh field: phone-no

Eight field: fill in your home coordinates in the two boxes

Then don't check the last one, but if you do will you get a newletter in danish :D


Now press "Gem".


Now it will say that "brugerprofil er updated" (or similar) on the top of the screen.


Now click on the link I provided in the top of this message.


Now you will see that you are logged in and here is how to do:


"Inkluder" means "include" and has three options:

"Alle caches" means "all caches"

"Kun caches du ikke har fundet" means "only caches you haven't found"

"Kun caches du har fundet" means "only caches you have found"


Next question is "Medtag egne caches" and that means "Include your own caches" and the options is Yes and No ("Ja" and "Nej").


Next question is "Brug cachenavn som waypointnavn" and that means "Do you want the name of the cache instead of waypoint" (instead of GC124X will you get the name of the cache), and the options are once again Yes and No ("Ja" and "Nej").


"Waypoint-ikoner" means of course Waypoint Icons, and you can choose between "dot", "geocache" and "geocache found/not found" and I don't think I have to translate that one :D


Then can you choose if you want .GPX or .MPS or .CSV

And you said you wanted it into your GPS, then choose .GPX

If you have MapSource and wants to see the caches can you of course download a .MPS file also...


Now click on "Generer" and wait until next page shows up!


Then it will say:


Din waypoint-fil er nu genereret. Klik her for at downloade den.

(Your waypoint file are now generated. Click here to download it.)


Click on "her" and you can download the file. Rightclick on your mouse if you wants to save the file on your computer.



I hope this works out for you...


/hedberg - not danish... But nice anyway... :)

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Thanks will try it out tomorrow.

@ divine: off course i don't forgot to eat pølser, i am coming to denmark for 20 years now, from the time i wass a litle baby, till now. It's a very nice country in my opinion.

@ hedberg: i understand danish al litlle, can read it (slow), so the site is no problem, but thanks for translating is anyway.

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@hedberg: i did what you write but anly get's the waypoint.


premium membership i don't think is a solution for me, going on holiday in a few day's think subsciption thakes more than a few days.

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Hmmm, didn't you want the waypoints? Or do you want the full information about each cache.. I'm not sure if that is provided also... I'll check it.


Did you choose .GPX files?

It contains normally more information that other formats, and if you import it into GSAK will you most probably see more info about the caches than just the waypoint.

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MK, which area of Denmark are you going to (or city)?


I can provide you with a limited list of caches in i.e. ExpertGPS format (or other formats if you prefer) that are close to your destination.


You can contact me at geocaching@aaboes.dk

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