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Not sure how to enter these coordinates into my GPS


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I'm going to a golf destination and their website gives their coordinates like this:


N 44 48' 15' W 84 15' 25'


I'm not sure how to enter them in the unit.

I entered them like this:


N 44 48.150'

W084 15.250'


Or should I do it like this:


N 44 48.015'

W084 15.025'


Or should I be entering something else?

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These coordinates:

N 44 48' 15' W 84 15' 25'

don't make any sense.


What you probably meant was:

N 44 48' 15" W 84 15' 25"


A ' indicates degrees, and " indicates seconds.


You should enter them as

N44° 48.25

W084° 15.4167


You default settings are probably for decimal minutes, but the coodinates you were given are in degrees/minutes/seconds (which is not often used anymore). So a calculation is necessary. Divide the seconds by 60, and that becomes the decimal portion of the minutes value.


The easiest way to fix this would be to simply change your GPS settings to accept the coordindates in dgs format, enter the coordinates, then change the GPS settings back.



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