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We're about to embark on a road trip that will take us from the Seattle area through Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Stopping a minimum of once for a cache in each state (some much more).

If anyone has a TB they'd like to see get out that way let me know and we can arrange something for a pickup this weekend.

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I'd love to go on a geo-road trip.

Shh... Don't let my wife hear it's a geo-road trip. B) She didn't understand me taking hours to go through PQs comparing them to MS Streets and Trips to whiddle down 4000 caches to a mere 500 that are within 2 miles of my route.


I promised no "going out of the way" for caches, but there are plenty on the way. I haven't laid that 500 number on her yet.


Fortunatly she is in a condition where she has to use restrooms a lot. I'll be "stretching my legs" and "walking the dog" a lot. :)

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