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Anyone Else Having Trouble With The Site?


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Can't remove items from my watchlist this afternoon.


Can't post logs.


No meaningful error messages - one on the removing items, after clicking yes to confirm, it eventually came back with a 400 Badly formed request. On one of the logs, eventually came back cannot find server (but no connection problems or DNS weirdness here, and the site was accessible in other browse windows which I was using to line up other logs to get ready to post).





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I haven't run into any problems today. Well, except for having to shut off the computer to dodge thunderstorms and tornados (I suspect I will be in the basement again in about 45 minutes). I guess geocaching.com can't help me much there. :huh:

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I'm about to reboot the computer, because I keep getting emails from items on my watch list - so I know people ARE logging, but I just tried again and after several minutes got the old server not found. I can understand this if there are Round Robin DNS issues or whatever, but I'm also seeing no response attempting to look at my profile, either - so it seems to be more than just one page.


Well, I'm back off to ipconfig /flushdns and a reboot and we'll see how it goes.

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Definitely getting emails from caches on my watch list.


Deleted cookies, temporary Internet files, flushed DNS and rebooted.


No joy (and no error - luckily I've typed all my logs in GSAK, so I just have to paster). I'm going to try from the basement on my server.

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Same problem from server in the basement when attempting to remove cache from my watchlist - eventually I get Cannot find server or DNS Error.


Also can't post a log, either.


And my stats page from my profile isn't coming up either down here - can't tell why it might be bailing out on DNS, though because it isn't a simple HREF - it's an ASP.NET postback.


I have my own DNS running, but you'd think the DNS wouldn't be changing.


I will restart the DNS server completely. I will research some more from a computer in the DMZ - could also be a net problem with upstream DNS (at BellSouth) or routing.

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No joy, I restarted the DNS, I tried a laptop in the DMZ, and nothing - same errors or no errors, just waiting for the browser to get a response.


I don't have time or desire to do packet tracing today to see why the form posts aren't working - I get enough of this during the week.


My whole department will be over tomorrow for a baby shower (two of my programmers are pregnant and due within weeks of each other!), if it still isn't working, perhaps that can be one of the games for my peeps. Who will win, the netadmins or the programmers, external tech support or internal tech support?

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If you're watching a TB and it has movement should or should you not get an email showing the movement? Assuming that you should check out TB6D61 Mario Racer. When I view the cache page it says that I am watching it along with 5 other people.



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:lol: I just got back from a day of caching and tried to log my visits. Every time I click to submit I keep getting an error message saying "there was an error in your submission" which is not very helpful at all. I logged off the site then back in and got the same result. I re-booted my computer, logged back in, tried once again and got the same message.


I'm not having fun anymore!!!

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:lol: I went back and tried again, still the same error message "There were errors in your submission." No sign of red asterics anywhere. No other indications of a problem???


A :lol: ll's weel on the western front - I'd changed my email account and didn't check it, I had failed to re-validate my email so I couldn't post. I'm back in business!!

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Just a few hours ago, I logged a day's worth of finds on a sunday evening (and I learned not do that years ago...) and observed not a single error from the site. I'll bet it was six months ago since I last saw that happen. So I actually cocked an eyebrow that things were working better. They're still not exactly spiffy, but at least the site wasn't coughing up it skull with ASP gibberish or SQL timeouts/deadlock shootouts.


Maybe I was lucky, but things seemed to be working better....

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