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60c Basemap Missing Roads Around Yosemite?

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On my 60c, the basemap roads heading out of Fresno towards Yosemite seem to stop dead in their tracks (about 10 miles north of Fresno). The major highways completely stop. I just noticed this now, but I'm heading up there tomorrow.


Can someone else check their basemap and see if the have a highway heading from Fresno to Yosemite/Oakhurst? If I'm missing data on my basemap, is there a way to re-upload it?


Any quick help would be great appreciated. Thanks!

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Highway 41 and Highway 168 both stop dead just north of Fresno.


The 168 ends just after Clovis and the 41 stops dead right when it crosses the San Joaquin River. This is when I'm only showing the basemap.


So if my basemap is messed up, then how could I possible fix that? The basemap isn't stored in the firmware, so it seems like I'm out of luck.

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Ok, on my 60C, 41 just ends in the river north of Clovis. 168 becomes a thinner line before just ending. They both end at approximately the same latitude 36º 52.537' and 36º 52.351' So that particular tile on the base map is just missing I guess. The detail is there on TOPO Usa and the MapSource map that came with your unit.

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