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76cs / 60cs Satelite Lock?

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My 76cs is wonderful. However, it is losing lock in the care a LOT more than my 76s ever (or is that NEVER) did!!!


What gives? It is raining here today, but it wasn't raining this morning and still it lost satelite while on my dash mount holder. My 76S never had a problem while in this car!


Anybody out there have a similar problem or experience?


( I am running the latest [1st] firmware update from Garmin)

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I have got mine on a mount that is sitting in my cup holder way below the dash-board and not really in view of the windshield at all and it gets/keep sat lock no problem. My unit is functioning better than my old 76S.


Now I have not had a chance to try it in the rain though. I do know that my 76S loved the rain... my 76S knew where we were at when I couldnt see 10 feet in front of me during a texas sized down pour.

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After having my 76CS for another week or so, I am happy to report satellite lock is quite good. We've been getting nothing but rain since then and the lock has been very good in aquiring the satellites and keeping them locked in.


My first experience must have been a very thick storm or bad satellite alignment or ???? S_it happens!


And NO, the 76series is NOT to big (IMHO) :)

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After an Update, or not used in awhile, its best to reset the GPS, then leave out sitting on something for maybe 30 minutes to get a full download of the ALMANAC, of all the positions of all satellites, and their respective health. Without a complete Almanac, your GPS maybe using a sickly Satelite. If the GPS is not used for a few days, or your location is changed by more than 300 miles, give the GPS at least 15 minutes to re-acquire a fresh Almanac. I have run experiments between 2 GPS V's, and this does help quite a bit for good accuracy.

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