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Just Ordered My First

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The maps for the sportrak are out of date and there is no update or plan to update them. Its magellans older model.

That's only partially true. The SporTraks with smaller memory capacities are limited to MapSend Streets&Destinations or Topo, both based upon the public domain TIGER database which is dated--and inaccurate in some areas of the country--but still quite useful IMHO.


Top-end SporTraks (including the color) can run MapSend DirectRoute, which uses the NavTech database, updated annually (supposedly...the first update is due in November). These maps are not perfect, either, but have gotten high marks for accuracy in general.

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You can't go wrong on any Garmin or Magellen products. They both do the job very,very well it's just a matter of opinions on different systems and bells and whistles. As far as comments about battery life and all the particulars for a particular unit I can't help much because I'm a Garmin man myself, but just remember to have a lot of FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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