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Help for a newbie :blink: .....we decided to try our first one close to home Sunday and it appears now its a micro. The "coordinates" put us in a park and says cache is nearby and gives some sequences of numbers to help you decode the exact cache coordinates......It was rated 2 stars but all comments say it took people a month or two to find this....Guess we started out a bit too hard......Where would we get info on decoding to help us with this? Thanks in advance for reading this far!! Whew! :rolleyes:


Work out where the cache is by using the following:


N 28 37.***

1-4-1-1 1-2-3-1 1-3-1-2



W 81 21.***

3-1-1-2 1-3-1-2 1-2-1-3



If you try staring at these numbers trying to make sense of them you will soon give up. Most people will need to go and look them up somewhere. If you don't know where to look them up then read the hint. The hint is hidden in the name of the cache which is "Under Pine Cones"

----Thanks again---

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As you noticed, puzzle caches require you to solve some sort of fiendish puzzle just to get the correct coordinates for the location.

As far as help solving a puzzle, the whole point is figuring out what you have to do, so you're sort of on your own.


It will probably be a good idea to start with an ordinary cache where you are given the actual location and then what's left to do is find the cache container. That in itself is hard enough before you build up some experience finding different ones and developing a sense of where the likely spots might be.


Caches rated one or one and a half difficulty might be good to start with. I'd avoid ones where people with hundreds of finds say they searched everywhere for an hour before finding it. Or anything where people exclaim about how clever it is.


If you've visited a location but didn't find the cache, an owner is likely to be receptive to mail in which you describe where you were looking, and will usually confirm whether you're on the right track or off on a tangent.


Good luck, and it will get easier once you've found a few.

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Just don't get discouraged ! Sometimes it takes two or three runs at the same cache to finally get it. Do some others, and maybe this one will make more sense to you later on. We had a few DNF (did not finds) at first, and it was quite discouraging, going on we found out my husbands GPS was off by 90 ft. He went to the Megellan site and downloaded an update, and now his and mine are right on.


Good Luck and Happy Caching


woof n lulu

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