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I'd like to make a website for caching/cachers (both) in West Virginia. I can set up forums, etc on my site.


I'd like to know what people think of the idea of having a site for WV. If you like the idea, I'd like to know what you would want to see on the site. I'm just starting with the idea, so anything goes...


Site name/Logo/Features/Forum topics/etc.


Plus... maybe if we're quick enough we could place some Yellow Jeep bugs. :D

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I'm from PA, but I frequent the Wheeling area, and as much as I'd love to see a cool website for West Virginia, I think they need some more caches. Wheeling park is a great place, and I'm contemplating putting a cache there just to jumpstart there area, if Keystone will let me..

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Just an idea: There is this


If you are a member of a geocaching organization please submit your groups news or events and we'll post it on the site. If you would like for your group to have a seperate topic section for the group please click here to Contact Us. If your group would like to get away from pop-up ads we'll host your forum here for free.


I am not at all part of the running of that site. It's just something I read there. Maybe it is an option.

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Sounds great.


It would be a lot of work, but I'd like to see a page that updates say once a day or even twice a week, that keeps rank of most West Virginia Finds. MikeDx and I are keeping track of ours and a few others, but we'd go even more nuts than we already are if we tried to keep track of them all.


A gallery for Geocaching events would be neat too. Were you can add pics from the picnics and cache in trash out events.


A news page would be interesting. For example if a geocacher is in the news, or gets married, has a baby, or even a memorial page for those who die or drown trying to cross the river.

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Nice ideas, WVDan.


We could always name the memorial page the dx page. Much more fun remembering those that are still alive--even after trying to cross rivers, etc. :rolleyes:


I like the idea of keeping track of WV finds, but I don't know how to make a page like that without spidering gc.com which I would think would annoy Jeremy. If anyone has a good way to pull this off, I'd love to add it to the site. Maybe we can just do a manual count in forums. I know--it's not as nice as the old stats page.


TeamK-9: We're starting to get more caches in WV. They're showing up a lot faster this year than they have in the past. I saw there was at least one new cache in Wheeling lately. I've only been through Wheeling a few times so I don't know too much about caching in that area. At least there's Ohio and Pennsylvania caches that can be reached from there.


Thanks Miss Jenn for the info on negeocaching.com and also thanks instep guy for your support!

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A news page would be interesting. For example if a geocacher is in the news, or gets married, has a baby, or even a memorial page for those who die or drown trying to cross the river.


Did that, did that, not since geocaching started, almost did that. All I ask is that somebody put a cache where I fall.


Team K-9, I agree that the northern panhandle is void. But we have 300 in WV now, proliferated in the rest of the state. If you want to come further south and hit a bunch, you can go and stay with us.


David & Anna, if you have specific questions, shoot me an email. I can either answer them or put you in touch with those that can.


Tony, the web page sounds like a wonderful idea. It should keep you too busy for the FTF's.


If stats are available, fine. I would especially like to see a running tally of your and Eli's FTF's.


I'd like to see a list of recommended caches (in various difficulty categories and by region) so that out of staters that come in have some good advice about where to go. I'd be happy to help with that.


Maybe with that, a cache of the month with pictures, descriptions, etc.


I'd like to see personal profiles with pictures of some of the more notorious WV cachers, along with stories of their more notable adventures & info. Like where the name EliJoMikMiNi came from. About One T & Biscuit moving to Wyoming. About which airline Ron works for. About what type professors instep_guy and KB8AOB were/are.


Links to the WV State Parks page for permit applications, and maybe some guidelines about placing caches.


A caching tip of the month (ex: Rechargable AA's ROCK)



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Ah, I see MikeDX is thinking along the same line I was. I was also thinking a cache of the month would be great. I like the idea of linking to the WV State Parks page sound great--it might even encourage me to finally legalize my caches (ok, I'll do that as soon as I'm done with this post.)


I was thinking with the cache of the month it'd be nice to also have an out-of-state cache mentioned as well. But then last I checked most of our finds were out of state so that might be why I'd want that. :huh:


I'll bring something to the event where people can write down ideas for the site. I can see I'll have fun with this one already!

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