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Group Caching Software?

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It seems like I've seen this posted before but I couldn't seem to find it -- please redirect me if you know of a previous post.


I'm caching in a group of people who have quite a large number of finds. One of the biggest challenges when organizing a trip is to find a place where we can all make at least a few new finds. There must be a piece of software out there that can take multiple .gpx "found lists" (one from each cacher), compare that to a .gpx of potential caches and generate a .gpx file of caches that no one has found (or at least identify how many in the group have found it). If you now of such software or how to use an already existing tool to do this I'd love to know.


BTW, doing a search for "caches found by username" and noting which one's I've found isn't a solution. It takes too long when there are hundreds of finds involved and more than yourself and one other person.



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