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What program to open easy gps


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and/or www.geobuddy.com


You install EasyGPS, run it once, and then let it load when you "open" rather than "save" the selected waypoints off the page.


Geobuddy can open the file that's saved when you just "save" off the web page. Easily combining many of these and exporting the info to other formats like Mapsource.




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Remind me to kill you later. Ah, nevermind, the cat's out of the bag anyway. That JPG is the new GeoBuddy logo. Pretty cool, huh?


The answer to the original poster is...


EasyGPS is a freeware program by TopoGrafix. Go to easygps.com to download it. It's the kid brother to their commercial products--ExpertGPS and Panterra. The files that geocaching.com generates can be read by EasyGPS (and GeoBuddy). If you have a reasonably new and/or reasonably popular GPSr, those files you get from geocaching.com can be downloaded to your GPSr with EasyGPS with no other software necessary.


The drawback to EasyGPS is that it doesn't do mapping. For mapping, you need MapSource, MapSend, Streets & Trips, OziExplorer, ... Getting the .loc files to those formats is where GeoBuddy comes in. It's not a waypoint manager so much as a data converter.





N35°32.981 W98°34.631


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Originally posted by Choberiba:

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N35°32.981 W98°34.631


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