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Rino 120 Screen Flicker

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The screen doesn't really flicker, but the areas of the screen with the darker contrast seem to almost 'pulse'. It is like the contrast in those areas lighten in a quick pulse type fashion. Sometimes it continues for a few minutes, and other times it doesn't do it at all.


The rest of the display, and the operation of the receiver doesn't seem to be affected. Just wondered if anyone else has this problem, and if it should be returned.


Note: this was observed with a fresh set of duracel batteries, so they shouldn't be the problem.



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How is the Rino for Tornado Chasing, seems like a very interesting use for a GPS.

One of my fascinations is weather, and as a storm spotter, I can use the GPS to give more precise coordinates to the local NWS when bad weather is around - it's really a nice side application for GPS (haven't run into too many tornados though - kind of want to keep my distance from them :mad:).


As for the the suggestion you offered, it seems that the darker areas of the screen are the only areas affected by this pulsing. It actually happens quite irradically, and while it isn't too noticeable in daylight, it still bugs me. I just got the Rino the other day, so I'm going to swap it out w/a new one at the store I got it from and see if this is just an isolated thing. Otherwise, it works just fine.

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