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Biking With A Gps

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Does anyone mountain bike with a Meridian Meridian (gold/plat/color/otherwise))? How do you set it up on your bike and do you have any pictures? I am thinking of getting a MeriGold, but think it may be a bit too large to put on the handlebars where I intend to mount it.

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You could look at the Minoura Handle Bar extension, that since this year fits oversized handlebars and the stem. This gives you extra space to attach any GPS bike mount.


I use a Garmin unit. First I used a Garmin bike mount, but didn't like it, since it had to much vibration and bouncing, especially on the Mountain bike.


As just mentioned the RAM Mounts are very sturdy and with beeing mounted with a connection between two 1" balls, it takes away some tension and vibration. My Garmin 76s was sitting in it rock solid. I can highly recommend the RAM mounts. I currently have the RAM mount for my new Garmin 60cs on order.

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how good would the reception be inside of a camelbak? i just want it to record my ride and uploade it back to my PC when i get home.

I always figure if my Meridian can get and hold a lock on my desk under a roof, it ought to be able to do at least as well under a sheet of nylon. If you don't need to see it while ridding, throw it in the camelbak, take a spin around the block and see whay you end up with.

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Note with the camelback: A good chunk of water wil stop a signal dead. How much water is an experiment that you'll have to perform but water will kill a signal dead.


http://gpsinformation.net/gpsclouds.htm has an interesting statement:

Just a few millimeters of  "solid" water will severely attenuate the GPS signal


I'm not sure how accurate that is, but I'd bet an inch of water would do the trick easy.


Hmmm. Maybe I need to do some experiments with my gps and some tupperware on a nice day.

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Here's a good place to shop RAM mounts.... from Mobile CX as you can see RAM mounts by the type of device you own...


If you use the RAM system in more than one application (car, bike, canoe, plane, etc.... ) it becomes a relatively inexpensive system.


Here's their Meridian RAM page...



that RAM mount is a tad too large for my application, however, since i wont need to see the unit 100% of the time, ill just throw it in my pack and see how it works. that looks fine for just riding some flat fire roads, but not for any technical bouncing around trails that i frequent. if it doesnt work as i want, ill just sell it back for something else. im sure someone will take it off my hands if i dont want it.

thanks all!

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I've been using my GPS (a 60CS) on my mountain bike for a couple of months now and have tried mounting it both the handlebars and in the hydration pack.


When I'm out on my exercise romp on a tame trail near my house, I mount it on the handlebars so that I can keep track of my speed. I never crash on this trail. Well, ok, that's "never" if you exclude the one time I did. <_< GPS stayed in the handlebar mount and fared the ordeal without a scratch.


If I ever went geocaching on my bike, I would use the handlebar mount because it is a pain to stop and take your pack off every time you need to look at the GPS.


Most of the time, I'm pushing myself on more difficult singletrack trails and I find that attaching the GPS to my hydration pack works out best. When I biff, my body serves as a great shock absorber for the GPS. Also, I have noticed that I keep a better satellite lock since the GPS has a slightly better view of the sky. I mount it in the top of a netting pocket top-center on my pack. The antenna sticks out and the rest of the GPS is in the pocket. I attach it to the buckle for the pocket to keep it suspended. The water bladder is not in the way in this setup. I typically lose lock only once during a trip, which isn't bad for the thick NC forests I ride in.


By the way, I would recommend a plastic screen protector if you do anything like this with your GPS because you will eventually dirt between your screen and the pocket. Note how similar this is to taking a random orbital sander to your GPS screen.

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