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May Cache Machine - May 21, 2004


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Hey Ya.


Well, May is just around the corner and my thoughts immediately turned to...The May Cache Machine 2004!!!


<Monster Truck Voice>

Be There!

Be There!

Be There!

Be There!

Be There!

Be There!

Be There!

</Monster Truch Voice>


This month, boys and girls, we are heading to the mysterious and strange shores of Rice Lake!


Boo Ya!


As my friend "The Map" will clearly show, there are quite a few of those little cache buggers just waiting to be found.




Last Month NozzleTime and I had a blast going for the Lost Vegas Poker series of Caches in Port Hope. And I expect more hilarity will ensue on this trip also.


Tentative Date: May 21, 2004

Start Time: Mid-Morning...ish (How's that for Exact eh?)


I hope you will join me.


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Hey Everyone.


Due to the planets being mis-Aligned, the cache machine did NOT take place this past Friday.


What this means is that it has been re-planned for Monday, June 7th!


This is your chance to "cache" in if you were thinking about it earlier but could not due to other plans.


So Far, Algonquin Bound, Amazon Annie and Nozzletime have all confirmed their participation. So don't be left out!


Think about it


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It was a both valiant and Nobel effort.


Amazon Annie, Algonquin Bound and Nozzletime all came out and I hope they had a good time. We revisited a few we had been to before, and added an extra one on just because, but we had to call it a day after Squirrelly due to IWS (Irate Wife Syndrome)


We will clean up the ones we missed and head up north to Peterborough for the next cache machine.


Once again, my company was fantastic and I had a great time.


Thank you one and all


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Thanks Dirtrunner for a memorable day! I'm still itchin' from those HUMUNGOUS mosquitos at Squirrley (GCG52W) that tried to carry me away! I really enjoyed the caches up that way. Wonderful forests and interesting scenery (except for the amount of poison ivy up that way, wow). 10's not bad for a day, especially since it started at 5:50am picking up Algonquin Bound and hitting deadstop traffic on the 403/QEW.


I'm looking forward to the next cache machine. Count me in! Hopefull Trimbles Trek won't wimp out next time. <_<

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