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60cs..trackpoint Confusion

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I am new to GPS, and am going to purchase a 60cs. I have read a lot in preparation of buying...but i still am confused how Garmin Mapsource, the 60 CS, and saved trackpoints work. Is the following a correct summation of the way the trackpoints work.


I can create a tracklog of up to 10,000points...at that point I have to save it and start another track if I want to keep logging without "wrapping" and overwriting data.


If I save it, the track is condensed, or abbreviated. Is there anyway to know "how much" it's abbreviated.


If I don't save (abbreviate) the track, before I reach the 10.000 point limit, can I download the 10,ooo points to Mapsource, and once it is in Mapsource, send those 10,000 points back into the 60 CS at a future date. Not that I would want to, or is 500 trackpoints the max in a single saved track that can be downloaded back to the 60CS.


Mapping would be one of my more frequent uses and understanding this would help.


Thanks in advance for your replies.

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I am also somewhat frustrated with that. I had a Vista and now I can't upload the ones from my Vista to the 60CS without getting a message that the track has been truncated. So I only get half of the track. I did take ExpertGps and had them simplified but when you put them on the aerial photo they look, well half there. I thought when I bought my 60CS I had everything my Vista had and more. But I guess I was wrong.



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This is THE ONE THING that I too am disappointed with in the 60CS.


However, there IS a work-around. For now anyway.


If you have a track that is over the 500 uploadable points, but under the 10,000 max limit, you can upload it to the 60cs. Just name it ACTIVE LOG and upload it. Then have the 60cs SAVE it. It will be converted to a 500 point log.


I appreciate the 20 tracks of 500 points each. But I wish it were selectable to that, or to 10 tracks of 1000 points each.


Best yet, 20 tracks of 1000 points!




Thanks to DAN at topographics for the tip!

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