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Road Trip Cacheing


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I'm fairly new to geo cacheing and am going on a few road trips this year and would like to cache as I go. What is a good way to get co-ords that may be near the roads I'm traveling on. I would like to use the caches as a nice way to let the kids get out and stretch their legs. Please let me know if you have any ideas.



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Since you're a premium member you can create pocket queries to cover your route. This will produce a bunch of caches in GPX files. You can then process them as described in this topic.


GSAK is a great program for processing GPX files and it's free too :unsure::) You can setup a filter in GSAK consisting of waypoints along your planned route and set a distance from the centerline of the route. GSAK will then give you a list of caches within that distance along your route.

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If you're going down to the US then it's simpler than Canada...

I just drove down to Florida down the I-75 and to get the caches, I found one in Michigan, I clicked on the Geocaching map and then just kept heading south on the map and checked out the caches along the Interstate. The US maps are great and you can really grab a quick list as you go along.

I used 'Geoclipping' to grab some odd ones to my PDA Geoclipping Page


While we were down there (and on the way home) we took a bit of a stop and went into a library where you can get free internet access to check out some more caches ('cause of course we did all the ones that I downloaded into my GPS). I think someone said Kinko's charges $12 for 1/2 hr!


You can do the same in Canada. I was in PEI and found someone who was thrilled with the concept and off we went to the local library to find some caches around the island.


I've had email from people who were planning on caching in an area I had cached in previously and they asked if I knew of the caches in that section. Maybe you could do the same - look around on the GC.com pages in an area and try emailing some of the cachers - you might get some suggestions on ones to go for and ones to avoid!


Have fun on your trip!

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