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Downloading coordinates

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You should, now that you have a geocaching.com user account, be able to do a search (based on a zip code, coord, cache name etc.) and see a list of all caches starting with closest first.


There will be a checkbox, in the list view, in the last column that you can check, then download all caches that you have checked off.


One thing to keep in mind is that you have to agree to the Groundspeak Licence Agreement before the checkboxes will show up in the list view. If memory serves me, you can also get here by clicking the Read about waypoint downloads link at the bottom of the list view page.


Anyway, hope this helps.

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definitely a lot easier to download the coordinates to your GPS, HOWEVER you may still want to print out the pages for looking at the clues, etc., while you're out "hunting". up to you. icon_cool.gif




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Definitely go the easygps and use that program to transfer long/lat to your gps without typing in the numbers. Also go to "my cache page', then to "change your account" and add your home coordinates to it. Then when you log in, you can click on the nearby cache button and the caches listed in distance from home, nearest first.

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