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Vacationing Family Looking For Neat Caches

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This summer we'll be going to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming and we'd like to find caches that are exceptional or memorable in all three states. We'll be coming through the Southeastern parts of Idaho. In Montana, we're going to be at Gardiner (59030). In Wyoming, we'll be at both Yellowstone (82190) and Jackson Hole (83002). We're bringing along two families, so we'd prefer caches that are below 3/3.5 terrain difficulty.


Thanks in advance. :D

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Pretty much all of the virtuals in Yellowstone are worth a stop, as you might imagine. Most of them are terribly easy, but there's a couple that require more effort. Don't pass the latter ones by if you can help it; they are excellent examples of what virtuals can be. Make a quick run out to West Yellowstone as well. There's a couple new caches that sound fun.


Around Gardiner there's not much, but we hit Jardine Bug Hotel (GC8BD5) just at sunset and it was a fantastic view.


If you can afford it, Chico Hot Springs ( http://www.chicohotsprings.com/ ) is well worth the drive up from Gardiner for either dinner or brunch. (No affiliation beyond some family history in the area on my wife's side of the family.)

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