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Adjusted Coords Don't Match Location


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I found an strange situation last Friday. We were on a mini-vacation and stopped in Paris, TN to look for a couple of benchmarks. GD1486 is listed as PARIS EPISCOPAL CHURCH SPIRE, which is certainly there and has been for a long time. It has even been recovered, both in the NGS histories and on GC. The problem is that the coordinates do not point to the church. In fact, they point to the Henry County Courthouse, a couple of hundred feet away. I took readings on all four sides of the courthouse building and they average out very close to the coordinates listed for GD1486. An interesting situation. I have emailed Dave Doyle separately to let him know about this.

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NAD 27 vs. WGS 84?

Nope. All of the coordinates provided by the NGS are NAD83, if necessary thru automatic update from NAD27. This can be seen in the current survery control and superseded survey control parts of the datasheet. GPSrs are all on WGS84 unless you make a specific effort to change it. Even Topozone defaults to WGS84 now. Put succinctly, the NAD27/WGS84 problem should very rarely be a problem.

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