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...snip...a nice hot breakfast in the morning, your lunch made for you, and dinner at night after a nice backrub, never having to get up for a beer during the game, and that extra income to buy all those toys you wish you had in high school. .snip..

I get up before my wife, I think she has made my breakfast maybe 10 times in the last 15 years, ditto lunch. I do the cooking 5-6 nights/week, she doesn't give back rubs (she's never tense, so she doesn't understand them), and the first fall we were married she said "Your NOT going to sit around all day and watch football" - haven't watched more than 1-2 games/year since then


That said, I wouldn't trade her for anything


(still bugs me when she makes breakfast for the kids, and looks at me and says, "Make your own")

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...My mother is coming over tomorrow and we want to wash our nylons in the tub".


I stabbed her in the head a hundred times with a dull spoon. My first hidden cache is called " The Psycho Girlfriends Bone Exchange". She is buried in a shallow grave. I know all about the "don’t bury caches rule", but I think this is an exception. Please take a bone and leave a bone...preferably trading up.


                                                                                  The End,



I've been laughing so hard for the last five minutes. Very funny story ! Having been a 'obssesive, compulsive, psychopathic home remodeler' I sought help after my divorce and now love my tiny, square rambler with no character except what I add myself. I'm lucky I wasn't stabbed with a (dull ) spoon, even luckier my ex has forgiven me and agreed to be my friend for life. His only regret: If only he had bought the GPS before the table saw.. :D

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